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When you turn the tap on waiting for the hot to run out, this product captures the cold water and recycles it
back to the heater.

The patented and unique Aqua-Saver is guaranteed to save wasted water whilst waiting for the hot to arrive at the tap.

The versatile Aqua-Saver valve has gone through some very severe testing by WRAS UK and Globalmark (NATA), Australia and comes with positive test reports also by Liverpool University, with endorsements from private testing.

Aqua-Saver does not need any external energy to operate it is entirely kinetic needs no energy to save energy

The patented and unique Aqua-Saver thermal diverter valve can be used in many ways to save the preceding cooled water that’s wasted whilst waiting for the hot water to arrive at the hot tap.

Method 1

Fit into hot pipe below the sink and collect the saved water, without the need to change or disturb existing shower or tapware

Method 2

Same as above but send the saved water to an outside collection tank for watering garden car washing etc, ideal in water restrictions (it’s your paid for water).

Method 3

Install the automatic return system, this will cycle the saved water back to the heater automatically. This will need a return pipe.

Method 4

In some countries the saved water can be automatically returned to heater via the existing line, which needs no extra plumbing.

There’s no hard and fast rules regarding the volumes of saved water, as the longer the pipe run from heater to tap the more water is saved, so figures will all be based on averages. In my own house with a ½” x small 12-meter pipe run, I am saving 42 litres per day per tap, this is for 2 retired careful usage adults. Commercial premises (manufacturers, hotels, shops, office blocks, hospitals, etc),with larger piping and much longer runs will waste much larger volumes, plus paying more for the supply and removal of the wasted water. Caravans, boats, commercial vessels etc will also benefit greatly from using the Aqua-Saver valve and system.

In the Uk alone over 110 million liters of good treated water is sent down the drain every day of the week to put this into perspective, imagine 1000 Olympic sized swimming pools of water being poured down the drain every day, This is over £1.336 billion PA wasted on pumping and retreating, this sort of waste just cannot be sustained, and will only get worst with increasing demand and populations Aqua-Saver is the only valve in the world that will help alleviate automatically without the need to use energy to save water, and money.

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