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When you turn the tap on waiting for the hot to run out, this product captures the cold water and recycles it
back to the heater.

Aqua-Saver Summary

In the UK, we waste in volume, over 1000 Olympic sized swimming pools of water EVERY DAY from domestic dwellings alone, by sending the preceding cooled water down the drain, whilst waiting for the hot water to arrive at the outlet. That is approximately £1.336 BILLION per year of hard earned cash:- In countries like Australia, and parts of USA, the loss of such vast amounts of water is more serious than the financial loss, and there is more than twice this amount wasted in commercial properties.

Aqua-Saver is designed to alleviate this issue, and can be used with any hot tap outlet, or water heating system throughout the world without modification to either. It will prevent the cold / tepid water running to waste while waiting for the hot water to arrive at the tap outlet. The product has a very simple kinetic / hydraulic action which diverts the cold / tepid water back to the boiler for reheating, or to a storage tank for non-potable use elsewhere, thus saving money for domestic, commercial and leisure water users alike. Aqua-Saver is the only fully automatic system in the world that is operated kinetically and automatically, which needs no external energy supply; the entire system is purely kinetic in operation, and has been fully trialled and tested.

Granted Patents

Thermal kinetic valve

GB2452782 A


Thermal kinetic valve



Thermal kinetic valve



Kinetic intensifier

GB0815489 0


Kinetic automatic return system



Flash vaporiser UK patent



Kinetic intensifier UK patent



Windfarm hybrid generator Uk patent



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